January 4, 2009

diy lanvin

In an effort to make up for my spending urges (on shoes - which are incredibly hard to thrift, see), I'm going to try and make this Lanvin top myself. It doesn't look like it should be hard, but tips and recommendations are welcome!


  1. Beautiful top! I'm so looking forward to seeing how this comes out. I feel like if you have the right soft wife beater/tank to use as a base, you can use a silk or even a cotton/viscose blend scarf for the embellishment.
    It will be so lovely.

  2. @ Camille: thanks for your lovely comments! I know, the tank should be just perfect - or the whole thing won't work. I'd love to use a matte silk for the embellishment, and I think the bow in front is nappa leather... I love the nude-vibe of the top and the leather bow, and how it contrasts with the yellow. I have to go fabric hunting next week!

  3. The top is really pretty! I hope it's comes out good!