December 31, 2008


Apparently the lady in the pictures below and to the side is a stylist, so maybe I should change the easy chic title of the previous post. It's not called easy chic when it's your job to put together these outfits, right? But you'll have to admit she's quite talented. I discovered a whole lot more pictures of her at Garance Doré's site. And Giovanna has a site of her own, too. I wish I could ask her to style our next photo shoot.

easy chic

Can you tell I'm obsessed with yellow right now? I know I'm late re-blogging this picture from The Sartorialist, but I love this woman's outfit. The gray-yellow combo isn't new, but with the added touch of her floral scarf and the leather-like texture on her pants she makes it her own. I'm going to be looking at this pic for inspiration when the summer collections are out in the shops.

about last night

I just re-discovered last night's party through this pretty blog. I first saw the photobook at Colette's a couple of years ago. I think we even featured it in one of the magazines I was writing for. Anyhow, I love its photography: interesting people, outrageous outfits, bright colors, weird parties. I always wonder what the people in the pictures are like, and why they're behaving like they are, or dressed as they are. It's a fun way to spend an afternoon, let me tell you.

yellow submarine

Just discovered this moddly shaped See by Chloé coat, in the most perfect yellow. It's a shame it does nothing for my complexion, because this beauty would fit right into my wardrobe.

'tis the season to be warm

Now is the time to buy your new winter coat. Sales have officially started at, which means you can buy a top-of-the-range beauty for so much less. I definitely want to get me a brightly colored one, and I think I'm leaning toward red. But this gray Mike&Chris trench is so beautiful, I'm not sure what to do!

December 29, 2008

new year's project

I think I might try something like this in my bedroom. Though with a little less old fashioned fabrics, and a different color scheme. I'm thinking browns, creams and pinks.


I need this. Need - as in: to maintain my mental health. And to satisfy my aesthetic desires.

December 28, 2008

sandrina fasoli

Can't wait for the Mango by Sandrina Fasoli to hit the stores in January. I met the designer duo a couple of weeks ago, and was taken in by them. Slightly shy, but brilliant, is how I would describe them. I wish more shops would believe in them and buy their main collection. I definitely think many fashion lovers would be happy to discover their work.

December 27, 2008

scent it

I'm obsessed with scented candles at the moment. Diptyque made the item into a luxurious, well-designed little treat - though retail prices at €80 are perhaps too steep to be called 'little'. I love everything about it, though. From its beautiful, understated packaging to its ability to turn an entire room into a cosy yet stylish environment. Another brand that captured my attention this year, was Malin+Goetz. Their rum and mojito scented candles make me long for summer already. I think I might splurge on those when I'm next in NY. I'm meeting with the founders of the label - curious to see where they work and how they think of new products.

December 23, 2008

a new american spirit

I fell in love with boho magazine the moment I saw it standing between Harper's and W. It couldn't be more different from its neighbours, though gorgeous women's faces stare back at me from each of the covers. But Boho magazine is made entirely from recycled paper, as it is a green magazine. Everything inside it is either fairtrade, ecological or otherwise ethically responsible. Still, it manages to look a little glamorous, though not too much because it also has a DIY feel to it. The pictures aren't always as sharp or professional as we're used to, so that adds an unexpected personal and creative touch. The only thing that leaves me wondering about the future of Boho, is the fact that only eco-companies advertize in it. Great idea, but will that be enough for the magazine to stay afloat in these difficult economic times? I hope so. Can't wait for the next issue: ideas for crafting, cute vintage accessories, green beauty products and inspiring decorating tips. I'm feeling a little housewife-y.

soundtrack to life: shopping

I've always felt that music can enhance whatever feeling you experience. The right tune on your iPod will put a beat in your step, whether you're on your way to work or running laps for those two bars of chocolate you ate yesterday. That's why I think the effect of the right music playing in boutiques is not to be underestimated. It can create or destroy the atmosphere in a shop: the one that decides whether shoppers feel comfortable, whether they think the store's ID corresponds to their own, whether they're in the mood to spend their cash right there and then.

For a recent article I decided to call up a few store managers and ask them what music they are playing in the shop at this time. Axel, of my favorite Belgian boutiques, Princess Blue and Sketch, introduced me to Kitsuné, the French record label / fashion house / creative collective. Their latest compilation CD is exactly what I imagine would be playing in Axel's shops. It's slightly edgy, but not too much. It's melodic, but with a twist. And most importantly, it's upbeat, in an inspiring, let's-go-dancing-tonight way. Perfect soundtrack to picking out the perfect Hussein Chalayan dress.

December 22, 2008

dans la lune

dans la lune: moonstruck, moony, dreamy; affected by or as if by the moon, as a) mentally unbalanced b) romantically sentimental c) lost in fantasy or reverie; with one's head in the clouds

I'm pretty sure my French teacher didn't expect her remark to have such an impact on me, that particular day in high school. I wasn't paying attention, you see. It's always been hard for me to pay attention to the things that strike me as boring, superfluent or ordinary, as I'm sure it is to anyone. Yet even when relaxing, I seek different impulses at the same time. I read magazines while I watch TV, I make a (long overdue) phone call while I catch up with my favorite blogs. Needless to say, 50 minutes of singlemindedly rehashing the same vocabulaire and grammaire over and over again, wasn't my idea of a fun afternoon.

So that is why that one day, during that one class, I was daydreaming and doodling in my notebook. And I still was after the third time someon called my name. Suddenly I became aware of an unusual silence in the classroom. No more droning teacher's voice, no more students' whispering. Everyone was looking at me. As I came to understand the situation, I braced myself for a dressing-down, but instead I got what everyone is looking for their entire lives. A goal, a definition, a life purpose.

All of a sudden I had an exotic label to cling to. Dans la lune, my teacher called me, before she turned to the blackboard and resumed her class on verbes irrégulières. And from then on, I had an explanation, an excuse, an inspiration, even, to dream at inappropriate times, to ignore comments only to react to the ones I choose to react to, to take an inexplicable liking to the song Hijo de la Luna. It seemed to me an elegant and romantic characteristic, and it could very well be that this idea has helped me form my self-image.

Or, you know, it could very well not be like that at all. In any case, it makes for a nice little anecdote to start this blog with, don't you think?