January 4, 2009


Just read an interesting article in the weekend newspaper, trying to predict what 2009 will bring. A couple of things weren't all that surprising. I mean, unless you've lived on Mars for the past year, you know ecology is going to be playing an ever bigger part in our lives. And I've interviewed several designers during the past months, who've predicted the focus in luxury fashion will be on authenticity and unique craftsmanship instead of on logos and big names.

So I wasn't surprised when I read the quote by Alain Remarq, of the jewelry and perfume conglomerate Mauboussin. It stated that after years of extravagant luxury and expensive eyecatching status symbols, the time of good sense, discreetness and decency has returned.

I love how he put that. When I think of discreet, decent and reasonable, I also think of elegant, ladylike and gracious. I would love to see more modest Audrey Hepburn look-alikes around, instead of the Paris Hiltons of this world. Death to bling-bling, vive l'élégance...

On the other hand, Remarq's quote also conjures up images of innocence, of going back to our childhood, when the name of the designer didn't matter that much - as long as the fashion was colorful, bright and pretty. So where do these two meet for me personally?

Somewhere around Lily Allen and Katy Perry, for example. Their style is discreet because they're not showing off cleavage like mad (at least not all the time) or flashing logos in our faces. Yet they look bubbly and optimistic, while also elegant and ladylike. I think I might go for a version of that in 2009... Nostalgia meets bubble gum meets desperate housewife meets converse sneakers meets discreet jewelry.

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  1. I love Lily Allen and Kate Perry! Thanks for stopping by my blog and for the sweet comment. Looking forward to checking out your future posts!